Our    Agency has read some startling reports on  Drivers without valid  Insurance. We have been told that over 1 in 5  Drivers do not have the legal required  Insurance which is demanded by  state law. The  Department of Insurance has in recent months reported that approximately 21.7% of all  drivers are currently driving without  It. Despite the fact that  (Oklahoma has a similar problem with uninsured Drivers) demands drivers to hold the minimum  coverage, our great state of  showed up in a piece of research that says 1 in 5  Drivers actually don’t possess  insurance.

Our    agency also sees that there could be problems for yourself and those around you if you do not carry   Insurance. Also, please realize that the minimum required  Insurance coverage basically will cover property damage that you did to someone else involved in a Car accident. Yes there are the possibilities that you are almost certainly going to get involved in a car accident in your entire life. The    agency informs you that even though  Drivers carry the minimum  Insurance coverage, does not suggest that you are protected from everything.

The    report noted that there are still problems with uninsured  drivers that may possibly walk away from a car accident whilst not having to take responsibility. This is a shame as the   Insurance agency realizes it is you, the legal  Driver who gets punished. When facts are that there were  Drivers who were questioned on why they ought to have Car.

Well our  company believes it is money that is effectively invested. The truth is, that if all  Drivers possessed   Insurance, well then premium rates would decrease. We all like that idea of keeping more of our money and still be protected with valid  Auto Insurance. Our website is capable to get you  Life Insurance quotes and    quotes online in minutes.

The   Insurance report states that there are more than likely  Drivers who do not purchase  Insurance due to the poor economy, Although  is better than most States,  still maintains too many Drivers without valid    coverage. There was information in the report stating that Bexar County was documented with a poor score of approximately 22.7% of local drivers without  Insurance. The Dallas County is not doing very well either with about 24.3% of their Drivers not possessing the required   insurance.

Some states other than  will issue citations to uninsured drivers determined by facts from comparing registered car with the current car insurance reports. The Insurance notes that it really is against the law to operate a vehicle not having  Insurance. We see that Violators are at the mercy of a $350 fine for their first offense and then it can increase to a $1000 fine. Also the   Insurance Agency sees that Drivers can receive a suspension of their  driver’s license with a second infraction.

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