The  wildfire has been so damaging and we send our best wishes out to those affected by it. The  Insurance Company staff has many our family and friends who have been hurt in one way or another by the  wildfire. The  Insurance Company staff saw many people in  get hit by one type of natural disaster. Our hearts go out to all these fine  Residents.

One of the other natural disasters is from Tropical Storm Lee. Our  Insurance Company staff saw Tornadoes created by the Tropical Storm Lee negatively impacted hundreds of  homes. There was also significant flooding which ended up taking out power to a substantial number of folks in . The  Insurance Company staff saw that trees were uprooted and many streets had been flooded. Then there were strong winds that pushed the wildfires in , and the damage was tragic for many.

The  Insurance Company staff realizes that some  Drivers do have adequate car insurance. There are far too many  Drivers who do not have current  Insurance. Our website is set up to get you  Insurance quotes online from numerous  Insurance agencies right now. Some  Drivers have told the  Insurance Company that they will get relief from FEMA? We wish that were true but please do not hold your breath if you did not have  Insurance to begin with.

Throughout the last ten years or so, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has provided the state of  approximately $3.5 billion for previous natural disaster damages. So, as most governmental agencies go, the  Insurance company believes that  Residents may need to wait patiently for reports on any new funding. As we see being in the center of one of the most damaging wildfire periods in the state of ’ history.

The  Insurance Company staff has seen that the natural disaster episode has produced this as ’ most expensive wildfire season that is documented. There is approximately $209 million in firefighting expenditures ever since late 2010. Our friends at the Florida Car Insurance Company saw significant damage in the northern part of Florida back around 1999. That area has since flourished and many Trees and plants have sprouted up over the years.

The  crisis comes just a few months after  had trimmed their budget which had some cuts to funding to the  Forest Service. However the  Forest service agency has stated numerous times that the cuts have not rendered  less outfitted to fight these latest wildfires.

Many people at the  Insurance Company have sent any type of help to family or friends. Clothes, food and money are obvious choices to help the  Insurance Company friends and family. There were quite a few Texans who did not need a nudge to leaves when they saw the flames from the wildfires getting near to their property. There were  Insurance Company staff members who had fire damage just two years ago drove. We believe that the fine Texans will make the extra effort to support and help each other. Still our hearts go out to those people who lost items that Home insurance or  Insurance cannot replace.

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